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Catalog of cars at US auctions

The Acars company is an expert in the field of selection and registration of cars from America. Our employees have the necessary experience and knowledge that allow us to choose only high-quality and worthy machines for each of our clients.

The company's large catalog is constantly updated. Every week we create new selections of cars for our customers. From a large list, everyone will be able to choose a car according to their requirements, preferences and available budget.

Features of catalog search

We understand how important every little thing is when it comes to buying a car. That is why our catalog offers not only a large model range of the best cars from reliable auctions in America, but also many filters, using which you can choose the best version of the car.

Having entered the catalog, you can choose a car according to:

- car make and model;

- engine volume;

- the year of graduation;

- mileage;

- type of gearbox;

- drive type;

- possible damage and other parameters.

A list of machines is also available to customers, depending on the seller. The catalog contains lots from insurance companies, dealers, and other categories of sellers.

US Auto Auctions: Where Do We Buy Cars?

Customer trust is important to us, so we consider buying cars only from verified auctions in America. You can order a car from the following auctions:

- Copart. This is a large online car auction in which insurance companies, car fleets, rental companies, as well as various financial organizations participate. This auction offers not only a large selection of lots, but also favorable prices, convenient online bidding, the availability of a detailed description of cars, its own evaluation system and many other advantages. On Copart you can find any vehicle, including valuable, rare cars. Since almost anyone can put lots up for sale at this auction, a professional approach allows you to avoid buying non-working and other unworthy cars.

- IAAI. This is an insurance auction in the USA, where sellers are exclusively banking or dealer organizations, insurance companies, as well as other legal entities. This auction is considered one of the largest, and the unavailability of the sale for everyone makes it safer. In addition, this is the oldest site for the sale of used cars in America. The main advantages of the IAAI auction are its exclusivity, a mandatory thorough pre-sale inspection (site specialists carry out diagnostics and bring the car to marketable condition), as well as a large selection of lots. Although the selection here is a little more modest compared to Copart, this auction has a reputation for reliability.

Therefore, the professional company Acars tries to cover all the advantages of each of the leading US auctions to provide its customers with a huge selection of cars, reliability and security of the transaction.

Depending on your wishes and requirements, as well as the urgency of purchasing a car, Acars offers a convenient selection among completed and active auctions. There is an additional option "Buy now" for those who have already been able to find a suitable option of a car for enslavement.

How to choose a car according to the Acars catalog?

To find the best option for a car at the auction, you can use the convenient and multifunctional filter to select the lot yourself. Also, you can always ask for help by leaving a request to our specialists. Experienced Acars experts will help you choose a car from the catalog in accordance with the necessary technical parameters and budget, or select a car from scratch if the corresponding lot is not in the catalog.

With Acars comprehensive services and an expanded catalog of lots from two leading US auctions, every customer will be able to buy the car of their dreams, saving up to 40% of the purchase price, compared to a similar model in Ukraine.